Timber Glen

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Camps & Clinics


Summer Camps & Year-Round Clinics

Linnea Cauble works hard to provide riders, of all ages and skill levels, with action packed camps! 

Whether this is your first time on a horse or you've ridden for years, we have a camp that is perfect for you.

What kinds of Clinics are available?

  • Jumping - Gymnastics
  • Equitation
  • Dressage
  • Showmanship 
  • Nutrition - Digestive System
  • Conformation - Skeletal/Muscular Systems
  • Equine Exercise Psychology
  • and many more


What happens at Summer Camp?

Professional instruction is provided during all activities in the barn and in the ring!

  • Clinics (farrier, vet, professional riders, etc)
  • Camp horse shows (summer camps only)
  • Off-the-farm horse shows (returning & current student camps)
  • Create picture frames with horse shoes
  • Design a jump course
  • Equine First-Aid
  • Fitting the saddles, bridles, martingales, etc. 
  • Games on horseback
  • Grooming and Saddling
  • Horse Jeopardy
  • Identify a horse's unique colors and markings
  • Identify injuries
  • Identify parts of the horse
  • Identify safe & unsafe equipment

  • Meet the vet
  • Meet the farrier
  • On-the-farm trail ride
  • Off-the-farm trail ride
  • Paint-a-Pony
  • Pin the parts on the pony
  • Scrapbook/Workbook of camp 
  • Tack cleaning
  • Water races on horseback
  • Nutrition: What does a horse eat?
  • How to keep your horse health