Timber Glen

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Available in the mornings & afternoons 

throughout the week and on Saturdays.

Private Lessons


Group Lessons

1hr private lessons are available for students who desire individualized instruction to advance their riding skills at an accelerated pace. Private lessons are perfect for the brand new rider or a competitive rider who is focused on mastering specific skills for an upcoming competition.


Group lessons are kept small with a student to instructor ratio that is not greater than 5:1. Students are placed into groups with fellow students of similar riding levels to ensure that no student's riding is stifled by being grouped with a rider who requires more individualized instruction.


Lessons are available for ...



Young Adults/Teens


As a CHA Master Instructor, Linnea understands that adults learn in a much different way than children. With this foreknowledge, Linnea tailors her adult lessons to ensure each adult rider understands how and why each exercise is beneficial. 

Linnea works hard to ensure that the farm is the place to hang out. There are always horses that need to be exercised, clipped, bathed or just loved. 

Lessons, summer camps, horse shows, 

x-country schooling, clinics, and rides at Tanglewood provide an assortment of riding opportunities. 

The youngest riders in the riding program are 3-6 years old. Each of these young riders starts by taking 30min private "pony pal" lessons before they graduate up to one hour long lessons. "Pony pal" students focus solely on learning to control their horse at the walk and trot while learning proper equitation. 

Riding lessons, summer camps and birthday parties at the farm are a great way for young riders to experience the majestic nature of the horse.


Contact Linnea for more information about signing up to join our riding program!